Top 10 Most Haunted Castles in the World

It isn’t important if you pay a visit to a castle because of its significance or its utter beauty and remarkable structure, Castle have tales to inform us as they’ve stood the test of time. Atrocities carried with their Lords after being a witness to wars, famines, succession wars, and unrequited love sagas, it is hardly surprising that every Castle has a past. No surprise a lot of those old, constructions hold so many secrets and house myths and tales. Among these stories, castles are most popular for being the haunts for spirits of those who faced a sad passing. Let’s take a examine a few of the haunted castles which are believed to be haunted.

1. Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Houska Castle, Czech Republic

This impressively built gothic-style Castle is believed to be covering a’hole’ that functions as a’Gateway to Hell’ by Bohemian ruler Ottokar II of Bohemia. This castle had no people, flats, and didn’t supply a place for invasions and has no fortifications. It is thought that the hole is really a bottomless pit also also opens at hell. So the powerful castle was constructed to protect Earth. Based on a folklore, prisoners in the time were given a pardon if they consented to be reduced down into the hole to report what they saw. When the first such prisoner was reduced down, he started yelling in agony and it seemed like he’d aged 30 years over a few minutes and under mysterious conditions when he was hauled back up, he expired within the next 3 times. There is also the lore of a half sheep-half human creature roaming round the hole that’s been doing the rounds. The gate opening in hell’s possibility makes it among the creepiest castles on earth.

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