Top 10 Most Incredible Caves in the World

The mention of caves conjure up pictures of dark dingy areas filled with rodents and bats and thus many people never attempt to explore caves any further. These caves are extremely different from belief. These temples are a few of the most exquisite on earth.

10 Incredible Caves in the World

1. Son Dong Cave, Vietnam

Son Dong Cave, Vietnam
Son Dong Cave, Vietnam

This is one of the biggest caves in the world and is notable due to the way it has been formed. The name Son Dong Cave literally translates into River Mountain Cave, an allusion to the fact that the cave had been formed after a river eroded into a limestone mountain’s base forming a system under it. The cave contains over 150 different networks by which a thick forest along with the river flows can be thriving inside the cave, today. A company named has been privatised and runs tourism to the remote cave.

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